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About PCA

Extrusion molding


Simple technology, high efficiency; Easy automatic operation;
High dimensional uniformity.


Extruder structure is complex, requirement of machining accuracy is high; Low utilization of powder material;
Capillary hole later machined, poor consistency of hole diameter, low cleanliness of PCA;
Sintering requires using solder or co-firing, technology is complex and pass rate is low.

Slip casting


Complex structure is available; Mature technology; Low equipment investment.


Requires a large number of molds;
Molding control of PCA capillary is difficult, yield rate is low; Low automation degree, consistency is difficult to guarantee;
Wall thickness cannot be controlled, not uniform, inner obvious flow traces.

Isostatic pressing


Relatively mature technology, high operability;
High product bulk density and easy control of sintering; Less gel contents and short production cycle.


Low automation degree, high labor cost and low yield rate;
Inner surface is not smooth and roughness, wall thickness cannot be controlled, product consistency is low;
Grinding process after bisque firing may cause PCA contamination; Two-end tube cutting is required after final molding of high sintering, it may cause PCA contamination;
Due to the speciality of the capillary hole technology, French powder material cannot be used.

Injection molding


High automation degree, high consistency of product size;
High smooth finish of inner surface, high light transmittance and strong corrosion resistance;
Reasonable and scientific degreasing and binder removal process, high product density and mechanical strength;
Perfect mold design, finished product not need to be processed after high sintering,Cleanliness of PCA is high;
Mature and stable technology, it is very suitable for using French powder material.


Long production cycle such as degreasing, binder removal and bisque firing; High technical barriers to ceramic welding environment.

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