Remote control system for grow lighting, Hydroponic/Greenhouse, Controled and Monitored

Introduce of CMH

In line with the production concept of manufacturing world-class products, it is very strict for demands of raw materials. All suppliers are strictly selected, in order to ensure the quality and stability of our products.

PCA: Independently developed and produced, vacuum double purification treatment of 800 and 1000 degree Celsius before packaging.
Pill: US and Korea imported pills, high vacuum heating purification treatment before packaging.
Electrode: Shanghai Y&L, vacuum purification treatment of before packaging.
Solder ring: Exclusive formula, self-development and production, low outgassing, close to the PCA expansion coefficient, good affinity and fluidity, vacuum purification treatment of before packaging.
Lamp head: Adopt the highest level 62 pure copper nickel-plated high frequency porcelain lamp head.
Bracket: Our patented product, handsome in appearance, strong thermal expansion, less solder joints, low failure rate.

All ceramic lamps and CMH arc tubes have to pass strict inspection before they go out:

1、Ceramic lamp arc tube pressure control within ±5 volts.
2、Ceramic lamp entire lamp pressure control within ±5 volts.
3、Ceramic lamp color temperature control within ±200K.
4、Luminous flux maintenance rate of 100 hours is more than 98%, luminous flux of plant lighting products has a small increase within 100 hours.
5、Luminous flux maintenance rate of 1000 hours is more than 94%.
6、Our ceramic lamps have high stability of tube pressure and color temperature, low luminous decay, long life.

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