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Technical core of CMH

CMH as the most high-end product of gas discharge lamp, the performance is undoubted. But its production is very difficult, and there are many factors which affect the end products qualified or not. The main factors are PCA manufacturing and arc tube packaging.

There are two key technologies in the production of CMH:

1、PCA manufacturing, due to its irregular shape, it is not only difficult to form but also requires high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and good light transmittance in the process.

2、Arc tube packaging, arc tube packaging technology is very strict in packaging process. The pretreatment of PCA, electrode and solder ring is also very critical. Because of high temperature and pressure in product using, any pollution can destabilize products performance and lifetime. Therefore, it is necessary to explore and research what kind of pretreatment technology, what kind of packaging technology, what kind of packaging solder to use.

Core technology and parts of products

We have been engaged in researching and developing the injection molding manufacturing process and formulation of CMH PCA, the material pretreatment equipment and the CMH sealing equipment since 2013. Over the past 6 years, we have solved many technical problems and the equipments have undergone many major technological changes. The technology of CMH PCA manufacturing and the arc tube packaging have reached the international advanced level, the efficiency and the stability are in the domestic leading level.

All the processes of PCA production workshop are in dust-free management from ingredients ball-milling, spray granulation, injection molding to degreasing, rubber discharging and sintering. The detailed process record card and transfer sheet ensure the tracebility of each lot of products, thus ensuring the consistency and stability of products.

Core technology

The packaging of arc tube is an extremely strict process, any material pollution will affect the final quality and lifetime. Except CMH arc tube packaging equipment, we also independently developed and manufactured pretreatment equipments of PCA, electrodes, solders and pills.

The pretreatment equipment of electrode adopts tungsten mesh heating furnace, its highest working temperature can reach 2200 degree celsius. The regular purification furnace can guarantee the internal cleanliness under this temperature, thus ensure the treatment effect of electrode.

The treatment of PCA, electrodes and solders all adopt independent external heating vacuum furnace system, all the heating elements are on the outside of vacuum furnace, there is no any heating devices inside of the furnace except the materials to be processed. The working temperature is 1000-1300 degree celsius, this kind of vacuum furnace ensure the purity of materials for maximum.

The pretreatment of pills also use pretreatment vacuum equipment developed by us, which is heated to 200 degree celsius in high vacuum state, ensuring that remove the water vapor that may be adsorbed during the manufacturing process.

In addition, we have full set of lamp testing equipments. We also designed and developed adjustable trigger except integrating sphere, its pulse height and width are adjustable, through comparing startup minimum voltage and peak of product, can reliably test its initial startup performance. In addition, the test board of 100 station which start-stop frequency is adjustable also ensure the accuracy of product lifetime testing.

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